Batteries in New iPhones Could Have Shorter Life Spans

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There was some bad news for owners of the latest iPhone models on Monday.


Batteries in the iPhone 8 and X may have shorter life spans than those in prior models, according to an article in ZDNet.

The battery in contributor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’ iPhone 8 Plus was racking up recharge cycles at an alarming rate, he wrote.


A recharge cycle occurs when a phone is charged from zero power to 100 percent. Typically, phone batteries begin losing their effectiveness after 500 recharges. Up to that point, they can hold up to 80 percent of their charge. After that, it’s usually downhill for the battery.

After only four months, Kingsley-Hughes discovered that his new iPhone had hit 91 recharge cycles, a much faster rate than he’d seen in his previous iPhones. At that rate, the battery would last about 20 months — or less, if wear and tear were factored into the calculations.


“That’s scary, doubly so when I consider that this iPhone hasn’t been heavily used in the four months that I’ve had it,” he noted. “And it’s not just me. I’ve heard from other iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners who tell me that their battery recharge cycles are in a similar ballpark.”


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