Pristina seeks support at Council of Europe, gets none

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The Political Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will on Wednesday discuss the security situation in Kosovo.


Marija Obradovic, a member of Serbia’s delegation to this organization and PACE vice-president, says that Pristina has no support whatsoever to apply for membership in the Council of Europe (CoE).

“Their foreign minister, Behgjet Pacolli, was in Strasbourg on the eve of PACE’s regular winter session, which is ongoing this week, and tried to boost the activities around Kosovo’s application, but didn’t receive even the slightest support for that. After the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, it is clear that there is no respect of CoE standards in Kosovo,” Obradovic told Vecernje Novosti.


Members of PACE’s Political Committee will exchange views on the situation in Kosovo on the occasion of the beginning of the drafting of a report on the respect of human rights, the rule of law, and the achieving of CoE standards in the province.

“We will be looking to include into the report Pristina’s rejection of Belgrade’s request to engage in the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder,” Obradovic said.


Photo: Tanjug / News Source: Tanjug