Serbian actor gives support to NYC action: You DO Have The Right!

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American actor born in Serbia Dejan Jelaca declared his support to special “New York battle” against all sorts of violence and discrimination  in that city.


Jelaca says that he have learned a lot from this city where he lives more than 10 years, and this action was some sort of his personal tribute to New York, the city of tolerance.

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I really can’t understand those who hate and disrespect others because of different skin color or sexual orientation. You only have to be a normal person, only that matters, says Jelaca.



Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYC Commission on Human Rights launched this citywide anti-discrimination campaign to affirm New Yorker’s right to live, work, and pray free from discrimination and harassment.

The campaign, which includes ads, PSA videos, and community events, follows a 60 percent increase in reports of discrimination to the NYC Commission on Human Rights in 2016, a trend that continues into 2017.


Source – N6NEWS – Pitter Bajrami