India Corona Helpline Number Covid -19 Helpline Contact details

Corona Helpline Number – if anyone of you or anyone in your families in isolation or not feeling well, you can contact the given corona Helpline numbers according to your state and union territory and give them information: for any queries related to corona, you can still contact on these toll-free helpline numbers.

Corona Helpline Number:

The Indian government has released corona helpline numbers to control the spread of the coronavirus throughout the country. You can also contact the numbers given according to your state for the information of your vaccines. These numbers are only issued for the help of corona patients in an emergency.

This initiative of the government has saved many lives-whenever will be provided to you by the sitting officer. You can also tell your patient’s condition on these numbers. The government has set up a special department for controlling this department.

Covid-19 Helpline Number:

The wealth department has released the list of covid-19 helpline numbers for every states and union territory. All these numbers from the list are operated by the local health department. These numbers can be used for giving information about the patient till his condition worsens.

Covid-19 Helpline Number Contact Details:

These helpline numbers are displayed publicly as the government feels no one should be killed due to the absence of contact. The government has ordered all the states to keep their helpline numbers live 24/7 to defeat corona. These numbers can only be used for corona patients’ information.

Corona Helpline Number state-wise:

These helpline numbers are given below,

Are only use for corona patients, you can ask every question related to the state of the corona patient and the health department will help you by answering all your questions. We suggest you only contact these numbers when needed the most .this can also help in saving the patient’s life.

State Name Corona State Helpline Number
Arunachal Pradesh 9436055743
Andaman and Nicobar 03192-232102
Andhra Pradesh 0866-2410978
Chandigarh 9779558282
Assam 6913347770
Bihar 104
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 104
Chhattisgarh 077122-35091
Gujarat 104
Delhi 011-22307145
Goa 104
Jammu 01912520982
Haryana 8558893911
Jharkhand 104
Himachal Pradesh 104
Kashmir 01942440283
Karnataka 104
Ladakh 01982256462
Madhya Pradesh 0755-2527177
Kerala 0471-2552056
Lakshadweep 104
Meghalaya 108
Maharashtra 020-26127394
Manipur 3852411668
Mizoram 102
Puducherry 104
Nagaland 7005539653
Odisha 9439994859
Tamil Nadu 044-29510500
Rajasthan 0141-2225624
Telangana 104
Punjab 104
Sikkim 104
Uttar Pradesh 18001805145
Tripura 0381-2315879
West Bengal 3323412600
Uttarakhand 104
Central Covid helpline number: 011-23978046


Corona helpline number detail:

For people in Delhi, the government has issued the numbers below for covid -19 patients’ help. You can contact them for queries at any time.


Area Covid Helpline Numbers
North 011-27708768
West 011-25195529
South 011-29531277
North-West 011-25951182
South-West 011-25066674
North-East Delhi 011-22115289
South-East Delhi 011-26476410
Central Delhi 011-23270151
New Delhi 011-23385743
Shahdara 011-22111077



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